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A repaint version of an JT42BW Locomotive 731

The JT42BW is a class of four axle Bo'Bo' diesel electric locomotives manufactured by Alstom's Meinfesa plant in Spain for Israel Railways (IR). The locomotives were the primary passenger locomotive unit used by IR through the 2000s.

Bio Edit

The locomotives were entered to Israel Railways in 1996.

From 48 locomotives, 4 locomotives were crashed and were fixed in the factory in Spain:

  1. 739 locomotive - was in the Ahuzam train accident
  2. 741 locomotive - was in the Beit Yehoshua train accident
  3. 772 locomotive - was crashed in a transporting train in Haifa
  4. 767 locomotive - was crashed in a dd train after passing in red signal in Netanya Railway Station

Gallery Edit

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