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The Maokong Gondola is a cable ropeway or cable car system operating in Taiwan between the Taipei Zoo and Maokong. The line has four stations along the way.

Stations (List) Edit

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo South

Zhinan Temple


Gondola Cabins Edit

The gondola cabins were created by Poma from France. A majority of these cabins have metal floors with raised grooves in an "X" pattern. Some of these Poma cabins have been built with glass floors, so guests can see the trees below.


Gallery Edit


Right, above: A Poma gondola at the Maokong Station

Right, middle: Maokong's works wagon along the route to Maokong.


Right, below: Another one of the Poma gondolas at base station, or the Taipei Zoo.

Sources: Edit

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