Page Formatting/Manual of Style

Here is how pages are formatted on this site. Please follow and use this simple format for creating articles. For more info or help on editing, please visit Wikia Community Central .


Introduces or tells what someone or something is, or is used for summarizing the article in a nutshell. If there isn't much info about such, add the "History" tab next to it like this: "Bio/History", or simply leave it blank.


Explains the actual history of whatever the article contains (sometimes "bio" for "biography" would be useful for when describing someone like George or Robert Stephenson; but per Wikia context, "Bio" commonly refers to a basic summarization).

Specifications (Optional, yet somewhat necessary)

If available include specifications, but only if working on an article that focuses on a locomotive or class (see 'Templates' tab for more info).


Explains several details about a certain topic which can't be fit into the body of an article.


Include if any sources or resources are available.

Additional Tabs

Such as: Early History, Decline, Failure, Succession etc. (these are optional).

Templates (Optional)

If specifications are available, they can be grouped in a template (infobox), or in a table located in the "Add Features And Media" tab.

For usage information, please refer to the actual templates' page. Please use the most relevant one to the article.

To see an example of table usage, see GE ES44AC article.


Please remember to follow our rules while editing.

Have fun!